As happy as can be

 As happy as can be

Once upon a time, and for another 200 years, there was a small house on the hill with a big backyard, a small field and a great vineyard, which attracted the best sunrays. Here was a family that, in the robotic era, had no laptops or digital TVs. Instead of these trickeries, they prefer a great number of hens that lie eggs that taste like egg; vineyards which produce wine that tastes like wine. The small farm is led by a little demon, Devilina, who rules everybody with a high-pitched voice, like a navy commander. A few days ago she had a genius idea, combining her love for chocolate and her awareness of Ovetta’s abilities in producing GIGA eggs. She summons dad, mum, and the sisters and sends them to the GOLD supermarket, where they sell BRASIL cocoa and ITALIAN NATURAL SUGAR. In the evening she secretly prepares the day’s meal, to which she adds cocoa and sugar, mixing and stirring well. When the rooster crows, she brings it to Ovetta who does not seem to like this change in recipe. Days go by and the same GIGA egg comes out. In the morning, the bells chime happily: it’s Easter! The sun is shining, the sky is blue, with some white clouds. Only Ovetta is sad, she has not been able to make her mistress’ wish come true, and she can’t even lay her usual GIGA eggs anymore. But Devilina forgives her and caresses her, she doesn’t care about the Natural Easter egg and, unexpectedly, she consoles her. They hug while they sleep; they warm each other up. As Rompiglione sings, they wake up as the room is filled with a pleasant smell of chocolate that is real chocolate. They laugh all day, the two rascals. From today onwards, Ovetta will be called Easterette, in honour of the first and last chocolate egg in the history of birds. No one will ever know about this, and why it happened: please keep this information to yourselves! Shhhh!

Ercole Bonjean

Translation by Chiara Amoretti

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