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La leggenda della mimosa - Un racconto per l'8 marzo, festa della donna

La leggenda della mimosa Elena, una giovane donna, si innamorò del Sole, lo guardava attratta dalla bellezza dei suoi raggi e i suoi occhi lo guardavano rapiti dalla sua forza, dal suo calore. Ma il Sole non ricambiò tanto amore e la colpì con lance di fuoco. Lei continuava ad amarlo e lo cercava con lo sguardo. Pianse per giorni cercando di trasmettergli il bene che gli voleva. Ed ecco che le lacrime caddero sul terreno e si trasformarono in tanti piccoli e profumati fiori gialli. Nacque la mimosa, il fiore simbolo della donna. Ercole Bonjean    © Visualizza e stampa Potrebbero anche interessarti: Festa della donna Festa della mamma Festa del papà Racconti, poesie e filastrocche, del maestro Ercole Immagine: improntaunika

La descrizione di un fenomeno naturale: "La bufera" (The storm) - La metafora nel testo descrittivo

La bufera Un enorme tappeto di nuvole bianche, spinte dal vento, invadono il cielo. Si rincorrono negli spazi infiniti, diventano grigie, sempre più scure. Un lampo illumina i volti, un tuono scuote la gente. I fulmini accompagnano la pioggia, per ogni dove è bufera. Infine un raggio di sole squarcia le nubi, ritorna prepotente la quiete. Spunta in cielo l'arcobaleno, ritorna l'azzurro, ritorna il sereno. Un bimbo sorride, il peggio è passato. Ercole Bonjean   © The storm A huge carpet of white clouds, pushed by the wind, invade the sky. They chase each other in the infinite spaces, they become gray, always darker. Lightning illuminates faces, thunder shakes people. Lightning accompanies the rain, every where is storm. Finally a ray of sunshine pierces the clouds, the calm returns overwhelming. The rainbow appears in the sky, the blue returns, the calm returns. A child smiles, the worst is over. Ercole Bonjean   © Sottolineo le metafore

As happy as can be

 As happy as can be Once upon a time, and for another 200 years, there was a small house on the hill with a big backyard, a small field and a great vineyard, which attracted the best sunrays. Here was a family that, in the robotic era, had no laptops or digital TVs. Instead of these trickeries, they prefer a great number of hens that lie eggs that taste like egg; vineyards which produce wine that tastes like wine. The small farm is led by a little demon, Devilina, who rules everybody with a high-pitched voice, like a navy commander. A few days ago she had a genius idea, combining her love for chocolate and her awareness of Ovetta’s abilities in producing GIGA eggs. She summons dad, mum, and the sisters and sends them to the GOLD supermarket, where they sell BRASIL cocoa and ITALIAN NATURAL SUGAR. In the evening she secretly prepares the day’s meal, to which she adds cocoa and sugar, mixing and stirring well. When the rooster crows, she brings it to Ovetta who does not seem to l

Fantastical narrative: Logos

 Fantastical narrative: Logos Thousands of light years away from Earth, lost among the galaxies, there is the planet Logos. What is most surprising is that we are accustomed to imagining an alien being completely different from us: ugly, three-eyed, with a flaccid body, sometimes hairy, and so on. Actually, the inhabitants of Logos are exactly like us. The only difference is, they live in a more advanced society than ours, technologicy-wise. There are no economic problems there, or struggles for survival. There are no rich and no poor, everyone is equal. Do you feel like having chicken and chips? Just press a button, and there it is. Do you want to travel? Forget high speed trains! You can reach any other planet from your home in very little time. You just sit in your personal spaceship, choose your destination, press a button and… go! At this point I can anticipate that you, my little readers, are faced with a doubt. You are beginning to like this planet and so you a

Close reading and textual interpretation – The End of a Friendship

 Close reading and textual interpretation – The End of a Friendship The dog and the cat once were the greatest of friends: they napped together, ate together, and played in great harmony. One day the cat caught its reflection in the surface of a lake and, very pleased with its image, thought it was the most beautiful and most elegant of animals. The dog, who certainly was not beautiful (it was a poor basset hound) took offence in this. And so it was that the two animals could no longer stand each other; the dog started playing with other dogs, and the cat with a ball of wool. Their friendship ended forever, and they became enemies. (Ercole Bonjean) Translation by Chiara Amoretti Close reading: Have cat and dog always been enemies? No, the cat and the dog were once friends. What happened then? One day the cat caught its reflection in a lake and thought it was the most beautiful animal. What was the cat’s attitude like after he started feeling

"A chocolate school" by Ercole Bonjean

  A chocolate school One day the Minister of Education changed the structure and the organisation of elementary schools. That night he declared on the news: “Let’s be done with this school where kids have to study for hours on end, do homework and never have fun. From now on school will be fun. All classrooms will be full of toys, and lots of candy: chocolate, sweets and lots of Coke. The teachers will have to organize parties and games, and lots of fun trips. They will play films and educational cartoons. This way, kids will love school and will study more as a consequence: it is so simple.”  The news travelled the world and everybody praised this incredible initiative. Kids were happy and were already excited about the change. The only one who was angry was the Minister of Economy. He thought to himself: “How are we going to pay for all those toys, all those sweets, poor me!” The happiest of all were bakers, the toy and the cinema industries. The long awaited first day

A not-so-clever fox by Ercole Bonjean

 A not-so-clever fox A hungry fox, in the middle of the night, went to a henhouse to fill his stomach with a big hen. He managed to sneak in through a hole in the fence. The hens were asleep, but the rooster had one eye and one ear open and understood what was happening. He jumped up and placed himself on the highest point of the henhouse. When the wolf entered, the rooster seized it with a jump, and made it flee with a few sharp pecks. The hens were saved and the fox had to go to the vet to have its wounds taken care of. Brief synopsis: Once upon a time a very hungry fox decided to get into a henhouse. The hens were asleep because the rooster was watching over them. Indeed when the rooster saw the fox, it jumped on its back causing it to flee and run to the vet. Translation by Chiara Amoretti Similar posts: Ercole Bonjean short story Saves and prints

One step away from the coast by Ercole Bonjean

One step away from the coast Far-away lights appear in the deep darkness of the sky and the sea; here we are, we are almost there. Time gives rhythm to the boat: slowly it looks for the north. All of a sudden a big fire brightens our faces, but this warmth brings no livelihood: it is only another demon, taking all hope away. In the dark waters, when everything seems to have reached its end, a big strong hand pulls me back to the surface. I don’t manage to meet his gaze and I dream, I dream of landing on a peaceful island where my wounds can scar, and start again. The sun’s warmth wakes me up and gives me strength. I walk on the whitest of beaches, stroked by a quiet sea, intensely blue. But soon it becomes grey, like the cold clouds that are now invading the sea. I wish for a blanket where I can find shelter, and I see an infinite number of them next to the coast, but now, those blankets, can’t warm me up anymore. Ercole Bonjean Translation by Chiara Amoretti Similar

November 2nd by Ercole Bonjean

  November 2 nd So many flowers of so many colours: white, yellow, pink, purple, blue like the sky, in this unusual November day. The rays of the pallid sun are warm today; every now and then they appear to warm us, while the tall cypresses watch over passers-by: with slow steps, in a long file, they are going to meet their loved ones. The fading pattern of the marble is covered by solemn golden streaks. In a corner, there are a few crosses without names, of simple cheap wood, without flowers to adorn them. Only the children run around them, playing hide and seek, running to their hiding place. Now this place becomes a colourful garden, it fills with scents and chatter, and every once in a while a tear wets the ground, and through the grey clouds a simple prayer flies.   Ercole Bonjean Translation by Chiara Amoretti Similar posts: Ercole Bonjean short story Saves and prinks

"In bed with a fever" by Ercole Bonjean

In bed with a fever Soon it will be Christmas, and Giulia has a bad fever. She is very cold but her mum keeps saying that she is warm, too warm. The child is upset, as she will not be getting up tomorrow nor opening her presents. It is midnight when she finally manages to fall asleep. In her dream, Santa Claus appears, with a big belly and a big beard. He has no presents with him but he is holding a plump baby. The baby looks at her and smiles. She wakes up quite early and her fever is gone: she is very happy. Somebody is watching her: “Mum, I have wanted to tell you for a long time, I’d like to have a little brother”. The face comes closer until it strokes her ear, and now a voice whispers: “He is here with us, you can’t see him because he is inside me.” Ercole Bonjean Translation by Chiara Amoretti Similar posts: Ercole Bonjean short story Saves and prints

Poem and short story by Ercole Bonjean - English - Spanish - French - Deutsch

I thank the many visitors from all over the world. Happy reading! The comet The comet breaks throught the darkness of the night. Its light floods the little shed and enlightens the people. “He's born!” we are told. Time files, The street sparkle with lights. People running, buy gifts. They sell, they sell, at Christmas. But there's a smiling face in the shadows, a mother holds her son against her breast, a father realizes his mistakes, a soldier return home. It's love, it cannot be bought, it cannot be sold, it's a gift. He's born, Jesus is born! The comet appears, embraces the word with light, shines in the starring night. Ercole Bonjean El cometa Der Schweifstern A short story: The legend of the crocodile Les larmes du crocodile Las lagrimas del cocodrilo View and print with Google Docs

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La leggenda della mimosa - Un racconto per l'8 marzo, festa della donna


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