The Adventures of Pokonaso - Chapter 5

The Adventures of Pokonaso

Chapter 5

  1. Pokonaso walks on ice without fear until Okkibuffi arrives; what happens then?
  2. Mummy and Daddy are expecting someone important for dinner. Who is it?
  3. What was the name of Kapokapo’s mammut?
  4. What was Ponzamut’s flaw?
  5. Why did Kapokapo’s tribe have to emigrate?
  6. Ponzamut took a break to think about the snow, but what happened to him?
  7. Who is Pokonaso hoping to meet during their hunting session?

  1. Pokonaso walks on ice without danger until Okkibuffi arrives and the ice breaks because of the mammut’s excessive weight.
  2. Mummy and Daddy are expecting Kapokapo for dinner, the man who rules all the people of the land.
  3. Kapokapo’s mammut was called Ponzamut.
  4. Ponzamut’s flaw was that he thought too much.
  5. Kapokapo’s tribe had to emigrate because of the decrease in the number of moose.
  6. His fur caught fire, causing him to have to move to stop the flames.
  7. Pokonaso is hoping to meet Ponzamut during his hunting session.
Translation by Chiara Amoretti


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