Holiday homework for III grade, elementary school.

 Holiday homework for III grade, elementary school.

The Adventures of Pokonaso, Chapter 4

  1. Why does Babbo not like taking Pokonaso with him when he goes fishing?
  2. Why does Babbo, after seeing the wood that Pokonaso brought, run home?
  3. How does Pokonaso’s family save itself?
  4. Who are the Nasastri?
  5. Who does Pokonaso believe are the men who are walking in long file?
  6. Who are they really?
  7. Who captures Pokonaso?
  8. How does Okkibuffi liberate him?
  1. Babbo doesn’t like taking Pokonaso with him when he goes fishing because the child has some strange ideas about fishing, for example shouting and throwing stones in the water so as to scare all fish in a mile radius.
  2. After seeing the wood that Pokonaso brought, Babbo runs home because he is afraid that the Nasastri are in the vicinity.
  3. Pokonaso’s family is able to save itself because Babbo uses some big stones to close the entrance to the cave while the mother, with a big pot of water, stops the fire.
  4. The Nasastri are horrible monsters which look like primitive men, when seen from afar. They have a small head and a long thin neck; their chin is protruding and their forehead is high and their nose is straight and short. The Nasastri do not live in caves but live out in the open, going after herds of animals.
  5. Pokonaso believes the men who walk in a long file are hunters.
  6. They are actually the Nasastri.
  7. Pokonaso is captured by the Nasastri.
  8. Okkibuffi liberates his friend Pokonaso by taking advantage of the fire which was raging in the Nasastri village.
Translation by Chiara Amoretti


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