The floats parade immersed in colours and sounds. It’s a swarm of confettis and streamers: yellow, green, red and lots and lots of blue brighten up the day. People play music, dance, sing, and laugh. It’s not a mask, it’s not an act, they are actually laughing. It’s their face behind the mask, nothing can cover the joy revealed by their eyes and their mouths. For a few hours we will all be the way we are thanks to the masks that hide us. It’s not cold anymore and the Sun is in great shape. It laughs the winter’s bad dreams away. Now it warms the crowd up, pointing its rays to the streets of the carnival. The sound of the trumpets greets them, making silly faces to each other. A man screams when his face is covered in whipped cream, straight from the spray can. Why can’t he taste it instead of shouting? He would notice how sweet it is: like the smile of the little rascal who stands in front of him, laughing.

Ercole Bonjean

This text can be useful for a number of didactic purposes: a summary, a questionnaire both interpretative and referential, or drawings of the story with cartoon bubbles.C

Translation by Chiara Amoretti


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