Elementary school: all the posts

Elementary school, all the posts:

"Mother Dear," by Ercole Bonjean

Mr Bonjean interviews his students: Is writing a pleasure or a sacrifice?

Composition: "Are audiovisual devices (TV, computer and internet, DVD player, Play Station, games…) really an advantage of our times? Express your opinion".

How do we study?

Essay: Is homework really necessary?

Essay: Cars are very useful means of transport but…

Outlines for narrative, essay-style or descriptive texts.

A crocodile’s tears

Learning how to write a text appropriate to the addressee

A nursery rhyme… in fancy dress

As happy as can be

Classic fables: the ugly duckling

Individual description - In a field at dawn

Blue lights

Jesus or Barabbas


The Comet

It’s Christmas

A Colourful Nursery Rhyme

Fantastical narrative: Logos

In memory of the dead: a poem for November 2nd.

Close reading and textual interpretation – The End of a Friendship

Seasonal topics: Mr Winter, a poem by Ercole Bonjean

"A chocolate school" by Ercole Bonjean

A not-so-clever fox by Ercole Bonjean

One step away from the coast by Ercole Bonjean

November 2nd by Ercole Bonjean

Spring poetry: “Brilla nell’aria” by Giacomo Leopardi 

Iter didattico interdisciplinare: italiano, inglese. "New year" by Gianni Rodari

Translation by Chiara Amoretti

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Dettato: "E' Carnevale".

Il Carnevale, racconto e filastrocca (utile per questionari e riassunti)

Verifica di italiano: dettato "Il Carnevale"