Mr Bonjean interviews his students: Is writing a pleasure or a sacrifice?

Mr Bonjean interviews his students: Is writing a pleasure or a sacrifice?

Why do we write?

We write to learn how to communicate, because writing is a crucial part of our lives and will be useful for all aspects of life. (Andrea)

We write for many reasons: to express how we feel inside, but also for the sheer joy of learning how to write and entering the world of writing. (Elena)

We write to communicate, to compose texts or nursery rhymes, to write letters or, if you are in love, love letters. (Simone)

We write for many reasons: to communicate, to describe things, to memorize, to recount our own experiences, to inform. (Giulia)

What sort of text do you prefer writing? Why?

I prefer writing fables because I can invent them myself and I have fun describing witches, fairies, ogres, wizards and goblins. (Silvio)

I love writing action and adventure stories because I am passionate about this kind of tale; I particularly like imagining the world of pirates. (Stefano)

I like writing descriptions of animals and people; I also like writing poetry because I find it both amusing and emotional. (Caterina)

I love writing descriptions because I like to express how I feel about other people. To be honest I like writing all kinds of texts, because it is a lot of fun. (Giorgia)

When you write something, how do you plan your writing? Do you use plans, or notes?

When I write I prepare an outline on a draft page; I plan who the characters are, where and when the story takes place, the beginning, the development of the story and a preferably happy conclusion. (Silvio)

Do you prefer written or oral communication? Why?
I prefer oral communication because I can express my thoughts more quickly, and I can see other people’s reactions to them immediately. (Francesco)

Translation by Chiara Amoretti

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