Essay: Is homework really necessary?

Essay: Is homework really necessary?

  • Introduce the topic with a personal opinion
Body of the Essay

Arguments in favour
  • It is an exercise that helps us better understand the work done in class
  • They deepen our understanding of the topics covered in class
  • By doing homework we realize what we didn’t understand during class
  • Studying helps us memorize and re-elaborate what was explained by the teachers
  • Homework is necessary because it helps us be autonomous and learn on our own
Arguments against
  • Homework should not take up too much of our free time
  • Homework should be interesting
  • Even if useful, homework is mostly a sacrifice for us

How boring, more homework to do! Almost every day we have homework after school. Sometimes I ask myself if homework is really necessary and I realize that, even if sometimes it is boring, it allows us to understand and memorize what was studied in the morning. Often us kids think that homework is just a waste of time, but actually it helps us practice and realize what we learnt; if on the other hand there is something that we didn’t understand, homework can help us detect that, and then our teachers will help solve our doubts. In previous years we used to need adult supervision and help to do our homework, but now that we have grown we can finish homework on our own, demonstrating that we have reached a higher level of autonomy. And even now, sometimes it is nice and useful to get some help from mum.
However, homework should not take up too much time so that students can also have fun; in fact teachers never give us too much homework and if sometimes the workload seems too big it is because we have not managed it well enough.
I have found myself in such a situation before, especially during the 4th grade. Often, before I start my homework, I complain because I would rather play and because even though I know that homework is compulsory, it is not at all fun and it is a small sacrifice for us kids. Sometimes, if I am looking for an excuse not to do my homework, I complain over and over that it is too much but it isn’t true, it is just a tantrum. In the end, to concentrate on an exercise I remind myself that this is my ‘job’: my mum goes to the office, my dad fixes air conditioners… and I go to school and do my homework.
To sum up, like all work homework is useful, but, in all honesty, also a little boring!

(Arianna, 5th grade)

Translation by Chiara Amoretti

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