Essay: Cars are very useful means of transport but…

Essay: Cars are very useful means of transport but…


  • I introduce the topic with my opinion on the subject.

Arguments in favour
  • The car allows us to move and cross great distances
  • It is a useful means of transport because it can carry several objects or people at once
  • It often contains objects that are usually found at home: radio, air conditioning, reclining seats.
Arguments against
  • Cars pollute the environment with exhaust emissions
  • If driven incautiously, it can cause accidents
  • It is expensive
  • Often, cars cause traffic jams in big cities blocking people for long periods of time.
  • I conclude with my opinion, summarizing my argumentations.

The car is the most common means of transport in our society and it has now become indispensible to men.
Cars allow us to take great trips, cover long distances and reach new places in little time, travelling comfortably thanks to in-built tools such as air conditioning, radio and sometimes TV and Internet.
It is definitely one of the fastest means of transport, as well as being very commonly used for daily errands and grocery shopping.
The invention of the car has revolutionised the world because it changed the way we move, as before the car we used to ride carts or walk. As regards trade, the use of motor vehicles has definitely been a major improvement.
However, in current times we abuse of cars when we could just as well ride a bus or take a walk. Unfortunately one of the negative aspects of cars is that it can cause serious accidents, even fatal ones. Moreover, cars pollute the air as their smoke trails make breathing difficult.
The speed of the car is sometimes made inefficient by traffic jams which make us lose precious time. Moreover, car costs are very high because of very important accessories such as airbags or door locking devices. There are also a lot of expenses to maintain the car, such as gas and insurance, not to mention frequent checks with the mechanic.
The car is certainly a very efficient means of transport but we should not abuse of it, and most of all we should use it intelligently without going too fast, and always respect traffic laws.

By Davide, 5th grade

Translation by Chiara Amoretti