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lunedì 19 maggio 2014

SchoolNews: Weekly news, instalment 4 - 18/05/2014

Dear friends, far and near, here are this week’s news from the world of school.


This year’s renewed protests by students, teachers and families against INVALSI testing impose a radical change in scholastic methods of evaluation. These tests are devoid of logic and far from the reality of schools. They undermine freedom of teaching and they seem to be a tool for control, which spreads hostility, fear and diffidence. They do not consider the relationship between regional realities and educational quality. Our proposal is to suspend them for a period of time necessary to define a more serious and effective evaluation system.

Evaluation and marking cannot be separated from a careful consideration of what kind of school system we want for the next generation and the relative investments to be made. It needs to establish an educational system that puts value on cognitive and social aspects, and improve educational quality. We need to improve participation, pluralism and inclusiveness instead of concentrating on competition and selectivity. Only in such a context will the INVALSI tests, recalibrated and reconfigured, be considered part of the system. We thus ask Ministra Giannini to open up to a debate with the several social actors that form the debate and rewrite the regulations on INVALSI testing.

Active Educational Traineeships (TFA)

Miur has published the announcement for the II cycle of TFA. Online applications are to be done by June 16th. Enrolment is with reserve for those who obtain the title of access or qualification. In the case of TFA for assistants, the deadline is August 31st 2014. Applications are welcome from those without a qualification for the relative competitive exam as of June 16th.

Free entry to museums

All regions offer free entry to museums for teachers. Sicily only offers a discount – museums, the Italian way. This is a thoroughly Italian way of applying rules – stresses UIL Scuola general secretary Massimo Di Menna commenting on the decision of Sicily’s regional government to substitute the state law allowing teachers into museums free of charge, and opt instead for a 50% discount.

We thought that the last stage of this legislative process, with many bureaucratic detours and false stops, was being officially certified as a teacher. But Di Menna stresses that institutions may require evidence of a person’s status as a teacher. The solution was to introduce a mode of documentation, certified by schools, which teachers could show upon arriving at museums and thus obtain their free access.

This problem was remarked on by a teacher who, upon visiting the Archeological park in the Valle dei Templi, in Agrigento, was given a 50% discount.

The construction industry in schools

More than 2 billion Euros for schools. Palazzo Chigi has made known that starting from Summer 2014, more than 7000 new works will be started for an estimated worth of 2240. These works will be financed partly thanks to the unlocking of the Stability Pact with immediate effect: a value of1392.

A reprogramming of the resources from the period 2007-2013 will finance 2700 works worth an estimated 400 million Euros. Overall 3000 works will be financed thanks to a conversion of human resources and materials, from the cleaning sector to small maintenance (450 million in 2 years).

Just today, Premier Matteo Renzi has spoken in a school in Milan, detailing his plans on construction industry for schools, stating that “from now until next year” the government will take action “throughout Italy in more than 10 thousand schools”.

Moreover, from 2015 onwards the government will start another 3000 works for about 3 billion Euros. Among these, 786 will be made thanks to the opening of mortgages, while 2072 will be financed by new funds for Development and Cohesion 2014-2020. More Estate funds will be made available with public resources already allocated.

SchoolNews: praise from friend and colleague Maestro Roberto

“The first SchoolNews came in the form of a veritable video magazine and the news report could be consulted in two formats, text and video. The last editions have only been in text form, with many links for in-depth research. I invite all colleagues to follow this new feature, and to inform my friend and colleague Ercole of any suggestions or stories to make this service even more interesting.”

Translation by Chiara Amoretti


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