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giovedì 17 febbraio 2011


The legend of the crocodile

The crocodile’s tears fall into the water of the deep river. The moon is watching and laughing. It asks for a bit of light to the sun hidden behind the shadow and photographs the scene.
The crocodile is weeping for the small and tender gazelle that ran happily between the banks of the river. Now it shan’t run, it shan’t be able to eat the tasty new grass growing close to the water of  the big river.
In this thought tears sorrow and deep sadness grow. The yellow face disappears in the darkness of the sky. The crocodile’s feeling ever more alone. At last the liberator sleep comes and the crocodile sleeps for few hours, then a gleam wakes it. The down’s path’s began. The first feeling is a deeps void.  Its friend stomac grumbles more and more, asking to be filled.
As every morning, when feels these omen, the crocodile can’t say “No”; it goes into the thickest bush close to the river and waits. Now it opens its huge jaws towards the light-blue sky, while drizzle scrolls between two magnificent rows of pointed and sharp teeth. Now the crocodile is ready for the jump. How beautiful the sweet gazelle is! It gets up and relapses. Its stomach is silent, now. The down ends its path, it's full daylight. The crocodile falls asleep. It opens its eyes in the darkness of the night.
It’s sad, it slowly dives in through the water of the river that welcomes and consoles it. The crocodile cries, it recalls the young and tender gazelle and how it enjoyed the tasty new grass, the crocodile can’t have peace and suffers for it inner cruelty. At last, tired and enervated by the emotions of its day, it falls asleep.
The warm water and sludge warp it as a blanket.
The moon is watching and laughing.

Ercole Bonjean

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